On-demand predictive wildfire simulations

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Reduce damage, save lives, and build a resilient future

Faster decision-making backed by up-to-date data

LensVX equips users with precise forecasts, enabling the protection of critical infrastructure and homes. Mitigate risks effectively and create resilient, fire-resistant zones for a safer tomorrow.

Wildfire Data Needs To Be Faster Than The Flames

Clearly visualize & interact directly with the data

With modern data visualization you can rapidly zoom into areas of concern and turn data into decisions in a matter of seconds. Historic and current data can easily be compared to give further context. No geospatial expertise required.

Identify problems on fast interactive graphs

Compare and isolate various models

See trends by moving through timelines

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Continuous risk assessment for your entire infrastructure

Define thousands of simulated ignition points across your entire operations. Adjust every aspect of simulation inputs and receive daily dynamic risk reports.

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Stay ahead of evolving conditions

LensVX utilizes a detailed ensemble of weather models, allowing users to granularly view and adjust simulations. Stay ahead of evolving conditions and tailor strategies to specific scenarios with ease.

Faster access to weather forecasts and fire behaviour predictions

Protect the communities you operate in today!

Empower specialists to minimize risks, allocate resources effectively, and navigate evolving scenarios with confidence. Elevate your wildfire preparedness with LensVX today!

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